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Accessing GMF properties


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I'm currently studying the GMF format structure and SDK to create my own tools for it. My main concern is to edit the material name, although this is a key (property) in the structure.


From the Wiki:

?				GMF_SURFACE		surface block
?				5			number of kids
?				0			block size

92					GMF_PROPERTIES		properties block
				0			number of kids
				36			block size
				1			number of properties
				"material"		property 1 name
				"concrete01"		property 1 value


Through the GMF SDK, GMF_PROPERTIES cannot be accessed (not a class) and doesn't have any command attached to it. I'm looking for a way to get something like:

string GMFEntityGetProperty(string name);


And eventually:

void GMFEntitySetProperty(string name);


I think this shouldn't be too hard to add, although I know Josh is busy, but perhaps there is another way of doing it.

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