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LE3D GUI with realtime update


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Not sure if LE3D will have a base GUI (if not then that's one request), but I'm creating a system right now for myself where I'm able to update a little custom GUI I have in real-time and it's amazingly handy. One of the big pains that I've had is sizing and positions controls correctly. Often it's either draw it all out on paper and miss something there only to find out it's all crazy when I put it in the game, or do my best at where I think it would be in game and of course mess up. Either way it often leads to running the game over and over again to see how it looks, which is a pain.


Using SQLite, or could use xml (text) files, to define my GUI properties, I'm able to get to a screen that has some GUI elements on it, go into the SQLite DB and start tweaking values like size, position, color, whatever and see it happen on the screen. It's handy and speeds development up.


On that same note being able to resize the window and such would aid in this to make sure things look good in every resolution. I'm using % based values so if it looks good on 1 res it should look the same in all, but would be nice to do that on the fly in real-time.


Just a thought with experiences that I've had with GUI's.

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