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Abstract file question


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I was wondering how someone would go about packing things into password files. If I were to load all map files (models etc) into a packaged file would they still be able to access each other, and would I be able to put scripting in there and still have everything load perfectly? I am just not sure and want some clarification.



Thanks in advance.

Win7 64bit, Leadwerks SDK 2.5, Visual Studio 2012, 3DWS, 3ds Max, Photoshop CS5.




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yes, when you made a scene using the editor.

the abstract file system just loads all information, and even password protected files. just zip them up and make it a .pak file.

then the engine will search for all available models and even scripts.

when using pass encrypted zip's you need to set a pass decryption. for more information check out the WIKI :D

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