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Material Bloom ?


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Hello ,I have a question about a picture and its shader.I played a game and saw (in other games too,but here it looks very nice) that the edges of a model which are directed to the sun have a kind of bloom.

Pic: post-2191-0-13416400-1330363383_thumb.jpg


The problem is,that leadwerks bloom can't work only for a few models in a scene,for example weapons and in the picture the material isn't very fair,so it wouldn't work ,because you need fair materials to bet a shine effect.



I mean something like that(scroll down for pics) : http://www.ogre3d.or...wiki/Faking+HDR


Have somebody made a shader with specular bloom??

When not can somebody tell me how to make that(only the idea)



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Leadwerks already put lighting result in the bloom buffer, and use them in the bloom shader.

But tbh the bloom shader itself is not good.

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Looks good. I might give a try at porting the OGRE example.

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One question.As this effect has (I think 8) passes I have to save the stages in buffers/textures.But how to do that?




//Now I want to get the output of the shader,because the shader have a 2D sampler for input and now I need the output written in the //RTBloom buffer
DrawTexture(GetColorBuffer(gbuffer)....); //???? maybe so?



So I made it as explained at the top.

But in the last shader I have to put the normnal rendered colorbuffer and the other 4 buffers(blured).So I bind the buffers with BindTexture to the shader ,but now I have to call DrawImage() ,but I have 5 buffers......how to do that?????

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Now I made a shader which make specular areas glowing with bloom.Iam going to write a new bloom shader an upload the specular bloom and the new bloom shader.

In the pictures the specular is everywhere,so I don't use a specularmap,as you see,because the hands have specular.

A little preview:





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