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  1. Oh sorry I didn't mention that I use Leadwerks Engine 2...:/
  2. Hey guys after a long break I want to create a new little game and learn a bit about scripting in lua. I want to create a 2D HUD entitie with a script that for example draws "Press the F key to..." if I collide with a Collider. But I realized that I cant use the AddHook function inside of an object. How can I use drawing functions like DrawText in the objects script ?? Thanks
  3. Look the idea is to set a pivot to the head of the character with entityparent which moves and rotates with the head animation while idle/walk.... but I want to adjust the percentage of rotation the camera moves so I position the camera to the pivots position and rotate each axis but multiply it with my percentage value. That is because some animations are very strong in the X or Y axis so I want to adjust it. I could skip the pivot and take the rotation of the head bone itself but it gives me very bad values, with global parameter 1 or 0 it makes no difference....
  4. Raspberry Pi for the win :D very cool piece

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    2. shadmar


      Have one for tunneling home from my work. (get around port restrictions)

    3. paramecij


      I wish I had one, been following the project since it started, then lucked out at the first two batches that shipped, maybe I should try again..

    4. ParaToxic


      The Pi is so great you can do anything you want I learn a little bit about assembler, made a little kernel for him but now I want to make a little media center with raspbmc which is a very fantastic media center and perfect for the Pi


  5. Hey guys I have a problem in my gamecode but I don't even know why.I placed a pivot ( a cube) to the head of a character and fixed it with entityparent.Now I position in the Update function the camera to this cube pivot with positionentity which works perfect but the rotateentity function don't work.When I try to give the camera the same rotation as the pivot it doesn't rotate... For tests I also fixed the camera to the pivot with entityparent which works fine but without the camera doesn't roate... I don't know why maybe somebody can help me RotateEntity(IEngineSystem::Inst()->Get
  6. Hey I have a question.I want to animate a character with a idle animation but want the head not to wobble so hard as it is doing now in the animation.So I thought I first animate the whole character mesh with the idle animation and then Animate only the Head with Frame 0 or 1 ( the neutral position) with a blending value of 0.7 oder 0.8. But it doesn't work. No matter which value I use. Even with 1.0 the head is still wobbling . How can I solve that ? This don't stop the head : Animate(trooper,frame,1.0f,0,true); Animate(head,0,1.0f,0,true);
  7. Hey there I have a little question.I have an animated character and I want place the cam to the head of the character and rotate it with the mouse.The problem is that the picked bones rotationorigins are not at 0 ( you know what I mean ) , so when I try to rotate it in the X axis it turns diagonal or something like that. Is there a way to rotate it with the correct origins of the camera ? I mean when I make a simple egoshooter camera with mouse input and say RotateEntity(Vec3(mx,my,0)); it turns the camera perfect with the mouse.Now I want the same result, but now I need to turn the Head
  8. Very nice game, very good idea and runs very smooth and fine big plus from me
  9. Hey ya, I have a question.Does anybody has some code to visualise the rotation of an entity like in the editor with that arrows but for C++ , maybe with the DrawLine and UnProject... functions ?? Is that possible, because I need it so much for debugging rotation of invisible objects as well as visible. Thanks
  10. Hey guys I have a question.I would like to bind my camera to a head which is animated.But the animations for running and so one have a big amplitude in the rotation, so the rotation of the camera is to big and it looks very unnatural. I would like to disable the function that the camera is rotated with it's parent or maybe only 10% of the oroginal rotation, is that possible ?? Thanks
  11. Thanks but I got it now Had to use Native.register but put the Dlls in the JDK bin folder
  12. Hey ya, I wan't to use java for a schoolproject with leadwerks and looked at the tutorial for that kind of stuff. Well I have some problems to get the Graphics command work in my sample. I just use the same code as in the tutorial but use System.loadLibrary("engine"); to load the engine because with Native.register I get the following error: Unable to load library 'engine': Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden. Then I have a main function like that; [size=4]public static void main(String[] args)[/size] { int a = LE.Initialize(); System.out.println("result:"
  13. Wow I think my guess in THE DREAM wasn't too bad Do I get LE3 for free now ) haha
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