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Multiple worlds using Framewerk


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Hi guys,


I am currently working on a space simulator which is coming along pretty nicely. I am currently capable of loading galaxies in a custom format and jumping between galaxies. I want the player to be able to leave his/her ship and explore a station however, which is where I am stuck at.


Basically I need everything that is going on in a galaxy to keep going on while the player is docked. AI should keep docking/undocking and generally flying about. I just need everything to be hidden while the player is docked (which really is just an Editor scene). So I though of a way to tackle this but I am not sure if this is possible using Framewerk.


I would have two seperate worlds. One contains the galaxy the player is in and the other one would contain the Editor scene. When the player is docked, the game switches state and sets the station world as the current world. Seems like an easy way out to keep the galaxy updating and still hiding everything in it. When the player undocks, the game would switch state yet again and the galaxy would be rendered.


Is this setup possible with Framewerk? Would this lead to high memory usage? Does anyone have other suggestions on how to solve this problem?


Many thanks!

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I would prefer not to use Editor for designing galaxies though. Due to the large distances I need between celestial bodies it becomes near impossible to navigate. I could scale all objects down a lot, but the camera moves way to fast to zoom in and maintain precise control when viewing very small objects even on it's lowest setting. This is why I came up with my own format and editor.

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You don't necessarily need to load a sbx file, but you could also load the positions of the models from a sqlite database, then you would get also infinite streaming capability. But you should still delete and recreate the world when you switch from outer space to inside a space station.

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