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I am currently working on a service provider which will hold instances of classes such as the renderer and the state manager which all derive from the Service class. To do so I though I could use templating.


Broken header file:


#include <map>

#include "Service.h"

class ServiceProvider

// Methods.

template<class Type>
void AddService(Type type, Service* service);

template <class Type>
Service* GetService(Type type);


// Globals.

map<class type, Service*> services;


I want to be able to store all these services in the map with the type as the key so I can do GetService<StateManager> for example. Is it possible to template member attributes this way?



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A hack around typeof() would be to make a pure virtual method in your base class called string GetType(). Then every derived class needs to override it and return it's type.


class Base



virtual string GetType()=0;



class Child1 : public Base



virtual string GetType() { return "CHILD1"; }


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I think you are more looking for a factroy pattern...


i would do something like this:


First define a virtual class called Service.


class CService
float m_fMyVar;
UINT8 m_uiMyType;
virtual ~CService();
UINT8 GetType(){return m_uiType;};
virtual void Setup() = 0;
virtual void Execute() = 0;
virtual void Shutdown() = 0;
typedef CService*    LPSERVICE;

This is your pure virutal BaseService class. Now you can use it as the base for all the service youll provide.

Just do the following.


 class CMyNewService : public CService
void Setup(){ m_fMyVar = 42; uiMyType = 1; };
void Execute(){ m_fMyVar++; };
void Shutdown(){ m_fMyVar = 0; };
typedef CMyNewSerrvice*    LPMYNEWSERVICE;


Then you have to create a factory or a managerclass.

class CServiceProvider{
map<UINT8, LPCSERVICE> m_mapService;
void Register( LPCSERVICE _pService ){ m_mapService[ _pService->GetType() ] = _pService; };
LPCSERVICE Get( UINT8 _uiService ){ return m_mapService[ _uiService ]; };


The usage looks like this


 LPMYNEWSERVICE m_pService = new CMyNewService();
CServiceProvider  cServiceProvider;
cServiceProvider.Register( m_pService );
LPSERVICE m_pCOMMON_SERVICE = cServiceProvider.Get( 1 );


Hopefully i understood you right!?


this is right from brain to forum so no testing ;)




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