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Stretchy rendering


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I'm having some issues with the rendering... For some reason, the objects being rendered are streching to the sides.




I remember having those kind of issues when programming with DirectX and it was related to a matrix applied to a texture buffer or something like that when trying to render to another texture buffer... but I'm not really sure on what to do. I'm pretty sure the solution is quite easy to find but I can't seem to find it.


I've tried changing the window size, checking the backbuffer sizes (same as window), etc. Everything looks alright. I've tried saving the buffers on which I draw the scene even before using the Custom buffer and it does the same so I assume that the problem is not related to custom buffers. The code is written in C# but I believe that to be more of a general programming issue so I created the thread here... especially since I also rendered in the Leadwerks' window as well and I got the same issue.




Anyway... I hope someone will be able to help me out. The only lead I have would be the camera but I haven't seen any functions that relates to the size or anything else that looked useful... Knowing the code inside would help finding the issue I believe.


Any ideas?

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