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I would think something like.


When in walking state:

Check for forward key, if they're moving forward:

Do either raycast forward or check for physics collision against the ladder. If it's determined that they're in position to get on the ladder:

Switch to a climbing state and position the character on the ladder but above the ground.

When in climbing state, if a forward raycast doesn't collide with the ladder, place them at the exit point of the ladder (either marked by a pivot or calculated) and switch back to walking state.

If you get a collision with the floor it means they're at the bottom of the ladder, so switch them to walking state and move them slightly backwards.


In climbing state disable left/right movement, translate forward movement to upward movement, backwards to down, and disable gravity.


There may be better ways, and may even be some built in ladder code in the engine that I'm not aware of, I'm pretty new to LWE.

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Unfortunately Josh has yet to implement volume triggers in LE, otherwise it'd be as simple as creating a LUA script attached to a volume trigger.


You can create your own volume trigger right now, however a limited simplified version. Have a dummy gmf with a script that creates a cube that can be scaled based on your property selections and with a trigger collision. Place it wherever you need it.

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In the gamelib demo you can find a volume trigger. It's used to change the ambient light inside/outside the pyramid, and its placed at the entrance of the pyramid.

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An idea I was toying with,in my mind only, was a simple ladder node, when at the node forward/backward would become up/down until reaching another ladder node when this would revert back .. then simply place the nodes at the bottom and top of the ladder in scene and let the code handle it. But thats as far as I got .. its #729 on my to do list :)

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