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Particles disappear


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I've changed the particle amount for the standard particle from 50 to 100. But now the particle doesn't show any more. Any thought of what's going on?



Check the other settings, the emiiter dialog seems not to reflect the emitter thats created, so colour will be 0,0,0 and so will transparency, when you change the particle amount it will set the emitters values to that and anything else in the different sections of the properties dialogue.

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ahh... hehe you already found this... :D:)


in any case, if you create a environment_emitter.INI file with these settings:



and save the file inside the ..\Leadwerks Engine SDK\Models\Entities\Environment\Emitter folder.


Restart the editor and place an emitter in the scene. This allows you to avoid having to set the color/alpha every time you create an emitter, unless of course you wish to change the color.

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