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C# Project Templates


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File Name: C# Project Templates

File Submitter: ZioRed

File Submitted: 04 Jun 2010

File Updated: 27 Sep 2010

File Category: Tools and Utilities


Who chooses to develop games using Leadwerks and C# (with the .NET wrapper) will be interested in adding the C# project templates and so make it possible to create a new Leadwerks game project directly from the Visual Studio wizard.


Just download the file and uncompress it in your Project Templates folder, usually your user's:

Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#


You should now have other 2 ZIP files into the destination folder (Leadwerks Console Game.zip and Leadwerks Windows Game.zip), launch the VS IDE and choose NEW PROJECT: two new items should appear in your list for Leadwerks *** Game. Note that you still need to manually copy the engine files (engine DLLs, shaders and scripts).



You must manually copy the file engine.dll from your SDK folder into the bin\Debug or bin\Release folder (so you have to save your project before playing in the debug mode). The templates assume that the SDK folder is located in "C:\Leadwerks Engine SDK" and the NET headers Leadwerks.dll in "C:\Leadwerks Engine SDK\CS", who has Windows Vista or 7 and hasn't this path for SDK folder, then can create a symbolic link (from a prompt run as administrator) to the correct path, e.g.:

mklink /D "C:\Leadwerks Engine SDK" "D:\LE\LE 2.40"




* v2:

- Templates updated to the Headers 2.0


Click here to download this file



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