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bullet shooting


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I have the swat model from Dexsoft. http://www.dexsoft-games.com/models/swat.html The gun is attached to the model and currently the gun has no bones. I have an idea of how I will handle shooting but curious on what other ideas people have.


My plan was to add 2 bones to the model. One right in front of the gun barrel and another directly in front of that one. I'll find these 2 bones from code and by subtracting their positions I'd be able to get the direction the weapon is pointing. Then if I multiply that vector I can get an end point vector for the raycast.


So I guess that's my issue. Getting the start and end vectors for the "bullet" fired from the gun.

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Sorry, this is sort of top down view, and I'm not using the mouse to determine where to shoot. The rotation of the character determines the direction, and the distance will just go a range that is slightly outside the camera viewing area.


paramecij, good idea. I was looking at LinePick where 2 points are needed, but LinePick will handle shooting directly forward so that should work.



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