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Fairly Simple Request


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Can we have the tutorial files included with the SDK be named. For example, the Sound tutorial is named "Lesson 4 - Sound" or something. I'd did this myself but with each update, it gets w"iped.



That is all.






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I'm working on a file explorer, which will allow you to give virtual names to files. Often you have read-only medias and want to rename files, so it would allow you to do that. Programs can then access the virtual names from a sqlite3 database, which would also allow virtual volumes, like in Amiga.


Virtual volumes are useful, when you have for example a collection of 100 CDs, and you want to have their files listed on your file directory as if they were all inserted into your PC. If you then access a file which is on a volumen which is not mounted, it would ask you to insert the corresponding CD.

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