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    2. Roland


      oooh.. what a beauty

    3. Roland


      oooh.. what a beauty

    4. TØXIN


      Awesome rig, Shard. I see you have the exact same card as I do. Awesome!

  1. Its a DeVry class, available at any of the 90 DeVry campus across America and Canada. I'm at the Washington campus.
  2. Just curious as to what this is about. See attached.
  3. Hello everyone. I am writing this blog entry to personally thank everyone of the Leadwerks forums for helping me in all the ways that you all have. Today, I got approved for my job at Microsoft. This all started when I discovered Leadwerks on The Game Creators and was instantly amazed by it. Soon after, Brandon Hush and I got together and created Third Initiative for our university midterm project. We decided to use Leadwerks because it offered superior technology with great support and community. Then we began the six month process of coding our Applied Project game. A month
  4. Employed by Microsoft and getting ready to work on a separate Homeland Security sponsored project.

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    2. AggrorJorn
    3. Josh


      I feel safer already.

    4. macklebee


      will it involve removing the need to put my toiletries into a ziplock bag?

  5. Hey guys. I have a personal portfolio online for jobs and contacts. I was wondering if you all could take a look at it and recommend suggestions or things that I should fix. The link is http://reikumar.com Thanks!
  6. Is it just me or is Leadwerks/Editor been running slower and slower recently? Pre-2.3 used to be very fluid on the same machine.

  7. I found the bug and fixed it. From: for(int i = 1; i < childCount; i++) To: for(int i = 1; i <= childCount; i++) Yep, since the terrain is the last object in a sbx, I always missed it because I wasn't checking the last element.
  8. I did take a look at it and looked just like my code. Yet my code doesn't work. Any thoughts? if( (es=="nothing") && (cl=="Terrain") ) { // printf("******** FOUND TERRAIN ********\n"); terrain = e; SetEntityKey(e,"status","handled"); }
  9. I did exactly that, and at the time of that thread, it worked. I did it again earlier today and it didn't work; I got a null pointer. I was thinking that something in the code had changed. My code is below. int childCount = scene.GetCountChildren(); Entity ent; string className; string objectName; string childClass; TVec3 objectPos; for(int i = 1; i < childCount; i++) { ent = scene.GetChild(i); className = ent.GetKey("classname"); objectName = ent.GetKey("name"); objectPos = ent.GetPosition(); childClass = ent.GetKey("class"); if(childClass == "Terrain") aStar.terrain
  10. How do I get a pointer/reference to the terrain in a scene? I need it so that I can check terrain normals when doing my AStar scan function.
  11. Getting EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION randomly on Editor startups.

    1. Richard Simpson

      Richard Simpson

      I got this too. I ran the updater then it worked after it updated.

    2. Richard Simpson

      Richard Simpson

      I got this too. I ran the updater then it worked after it updated.

  12. Considering quiting my university.

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    2. Davaris


      The whole idea of Uni is not to teach you anything, its to grind you down till you quit. The ones that don't quit and reach the end, get to wear a black dress, a funny hat and are given a winner's scroll. Stick it out and you too can be a cross dressing winner!


      Sorry about my bad humor, but the grinding part to weed people out, has a lot of truth in it. Employers want people that won't give up when things get tough and that's why they like Uni graduates.

    3. Shard


      It would definitely be nice if I graduated with some knowledge though.

    4. Davaris


      What you learn in Uni will seem like nothing, compared to what you will learn, after you graduate. Graduating just proves to your future employers, that you are capable of learning.


      I sound like a "Yoda" there. But it is also true.

  13. Theres an entities folder in the models folder in the LSDK folder. Copy that to your project folder.
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