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My character seems very short, can't find scale option


Hello everyone!  I'm not making a game, I've put the floor plan of my house into Leadwerks because I want to move walls around and see how they fit.  I used the sample project that comes with it and put in all my walls and a floor, but then I tried the project and the character is about the size of a small dog.  So I went into the Scene tab and increased the scale until the model looked like it was the right height relative to the walls, but it didn't seem to do anything. I keep looking at forums for an answer but the only thing I keep seeing is to watch tutorials until one of them tells me how to do this by random chance, but I'm almost finished with my project.  Is there anyone out there who can just tell me how to scale my character?


Thanks a lot.

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18 hours ago, CangoJoe said:


I'm assuming you're using FPSPlayer.lua -yes? If so, edit that script and try increasing Script.eyeheight value.

Hope that helps!

That actually helps. I switched to that from vrplayer and there were some missing associations that wouldn't let the game compile. I will need to hunt those down, I assume they're in a pack somewhere. Thank you for your reply. 


Edit: FPSPlayer is for desktop games, that's pretty cool.  I didn't know it could do that.  I'm doing this in VR.


Just to clarify, no matter where the model is, it seems like when you're in VR that everything is about 8 times bigger than it should be, like you're the size of a small dog.  The scale options make the green t-posed avatar larger in all three dimensions, but when I run the game in VR, there's no change.

Check the edit, there's the player model looking like Big Tex, but in VR I am looking up at my balcony railing from about twelve inches off the floor.  I looked for a character height setting in VRPlayer, I feel like it has something to do with raising the camera up and zooming it in, I just can't figure that part out.

big tex.png

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