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  1. That actually helps. I switched to that from vrplayer and there were some missing associations that wouldn't let the game compile. I will need to hunt those down, I assume they're in a pack somewhere. Thank you for your reply. Edit: FPSPlayer is for desktop games, that's pretty cool. I didn't know it could do that. I'm doing this in VR. Just to clarify, no matter where the model is, it seems like when you're in VR that everything is about 8 times bigger than it should be, like you're the size of a small dog. The scale options make the green t-posed avatar larger in
  2. Hello everyone! I'm not making a game, I've put the floor plan of my house into Leadwerks because I want to move walls around and see how they fit. I used the sample project that comes with it and put in all my walls and a floor, but then I tried the project and the character is about the size of a small dog. So I went into the Scene tab and increased the scale until the model looked like it was the right height relative to the walls, but it didn't seem to do anything. I keep looking at forums for an answer but the only thing I keep seeing is to watch tutorials until one of them tells me ho
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