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Free Desert-themed Fantasy Buildings

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Hey Leadwerkers,



These models are a little older and had prior distributions on other forums. This is the multi-engine version including multiple formats.

They have been improvised from scratch and had the purpose to teach me better polygonal optimisation.The polycount of the primary model from this collection has been decreased from 3780 to 2570 Polygons. The goal was to find the fastest way to decrease polygons without changing a models appearance. Speed is the most important factor in my workflow...I like to get them results fast! biggrin.png


Originally these where intended for sale... but I figured that it might be a nice gift! (and honestly, these aren't that good wink.png)


The models are desert themed fantasy buildings. No element of them is akin to any realworld culture. These models can be used in a semi-modular fashion to piece together larger building complex.


I gave them a quick test in the stock terrain map of leadwerks and they make nice background structures!




Primary Model


2570 Triangles


Diffuse: 2048²























Primary: 2570


Variation1: 2210


Variation2: 1738


Variation3: 1378


Variation4: 870


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