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  1. Has any else had there video driver version stuck trying to uninstall it, mine is stuck, and tried everything, Driver fusion can't even start up cause of the video driver, so is any other way to fix this?

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    2. diedir


      if windows try to uninstall the gfx card in conf panel then ticking driver uninstall too, reboot install the good driver, done!

    3. beo6


      Or try to boot into safe-mode and try to uninstall it from there.

    4. AnthonyPython


      tried all of that it was bugged had to save my stuff, and then do a factory recovery, since it wouldn't uninstall

  2. About Time AMD released that New Driver, I was getting kinda sick of new Comer's having to deal with it , with a workaround, and knowing my hardware's software wasn't up to date.

    1. Josh


      Very happy day.

    2. CreativeOcclusion


      Working here.....

    3. Slastraf


      confirmed working

  3. Taking a break from Leadwerks for a while, and work on a smaller diff. game in CTF 2.5(it already has a level editor to be able to load/save level creation's using array's)

    1. AnthonyPython


      I already created a in-game level editor not the frame editor is what I mean

  4. had to do a Factory Image Recovery to fix my computer, oh well it's not that bad, most stuff I can just redownload, and my project I can just redownload Flowgui and just modifiy all that stuff again.

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    2. AnthonyPython


      I do use dropbox josh, I just didn't back anything up/couldn't at that point since my computer was crashing every 5 min. after I did that stupid recovery system point messed my computer up xD, yea I know I should have backed it up sooner but it's not much of to big of a deal.

    3. Josh


      You know you can change your project folder to be inside Dropbox, right? Then you will never need to do anything to back up your project.

    4. AnthonyPython


      yea I know, I just didn't think of doing that....

  5. of course I do, but i mean the primary engine I'll be making games with will be LE. I've always been very fond of valve's engine's to as well.
  6. if valve support's any thing it is a big deal period xD
  7. yep, also other valve news is the 2nd engine will be free for all including commercial purposes, just one catch you must have it at least on steam first, and valve gets a cut of the profit seems like a pretty good deal. for dev's I hope the content creation will be a bit easier than the first. as this will be more UGC focused/dev's. cause compared to LE is way easier to get your content added in, instead of valve's i mean I am looking forward to it, but my main engine will be LE, as I love it
  8. actually I am experimenting with that , and different model's with the scfi contruction kit and other textures , it's great so far groove
  9. what we do expect is carving tool, vertex tool, vegetation tool etc. this year. you can probably do this by C++
  10. rain/snow could be done with particles I think so, but you have to do it your self. not sure what is the most efficient way of doing this. but no it's not built-in yet, and carving tool, vertex editing/ vegetation tool , etc is suppose to come this year. I don't think this is planned for this year, but josh did say depending on time after getting those planned he may be able to do a few other things like this. Edit: best way of this is a shader
  11. guess I should play Hitman and finish it, and then go to the other's in order. is there really a need to play the first or can I just skip it?
  12. this is the first time I even tried to run Kane & Lynch , I heard GTA4 has this same problem, haven't tried GTA4 yet
  13. GFWL was the worst thing ever.

    1. gamecreator


      While it was working, it was pretty good for Street Fighter IV. Steam is still glitchy with it but maybe that's attributable to the transition being difficult.

    2. AnthonyPython


      yea it was ok while it worked, but now one to many games with it, don't work at all. some just crash on start up like Kane & Lynch

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