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  1. nl2012


  2. Hi all I've published a NPC set for LW in the workshop (prefab included). Let me know if you woultd like to see more chars with animation for LW users. Have a nice day
  3. Hi My next free workshop item(s) will be a complete industrial site. Multiple props and buildings (each with three LoD's). If you want (or need) anything special included ...let me know. I'm trying to release it in June. attached an example of one building. (enterable). Keep you posted.
  4. Agree 3D coat is a fast developing and great tool with a nice workflow. I use Mari (because i'm a Modo801 user) and preffer this one but sadly it comes with a steep learning curve and is costly. Modo and Mari have a steam version. I don't know about Steam Modo but i won't advise the Mari steam version. In your case ....I agree with YouGroove..3D coat is a great program
  5. Since this is a suggestion box i have some thoughts to share. I've been working with LE since it first appeared on Steam. Apart from my regular job, i have done alot of freelance content development. I have some other engines that are classified as "easy gamemakers" but i think LW is by far the best to work with as a content dev and programming noob. But, what really could set LW apart from the others is more ready to use LUA scripts so non programmers can build their gamelogic more easy.I know alot of ppl are putting alot of effort in helping non scripters with LUA scripts, and alot can be
  6. Thanks Ma-Shell I missed that one. I'll take a look
  7. Hi I've upgraded my Geforce (970GTX) WQHL driver to version 347.88. Since that upgrade, my LW projects are experiencing very very bad performance (was flying with previous versions) Other apps and games don't suffer from this update.(for most framerates went up) Anyone else experiancing the same problems? Thanks
  8. Thanks for sharing, Great and usefull article.
  9. Don't forget to copy the "green guy"from the Mygame/model dir too ;-). Prefabs have 1:1 relation with Models (even green guys!)
  10. Besides making (baking) them in your 3D app (for a normal and / or displacementmap a 3d app is the way to go), Mindtex (on steam) is cheap and does a pretty good job (estimate based on your diffuse map). Even better but a bit more expensive is B2M (https://www.allegorithmic.com/products/bitmap2material). Have fun!
  11. I changed the code to find the global position of the pivots themselves. And guess what... works great ..thanks guys!
  12. I started playing around again last night and everything kept pointing to my initial thought, the scaling. I'm glad that the scaling "issue" is confirmed now. I will try the global positioning a.s.a.p. I might have even found a simple work around concerning scaling third party rigged characters, keep you posted on that (when i've tested it). Thank you for your time and support macklebee!
  13. They should be (just replaced the crawler with another char so the scene settings where identical) so distance should be fine as well as that pivot placement (unless you maybey take in account the scaling mentioned previously) I do some more "research" this evening. Keep you posted
  14. Hi Rick The reason i used this script is easy... it was there ...and looked logical to me, because as i said before, programming/scripting for now is kinda rocketscience to me ;-). But , just to give my wife even less attention as i do already, i give that a try for sure and try to script it (by the way... i've tried the default waypoint.lua making the pivots targets but that didn't solve it) Thank you for your time! http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/_/script/waypoints-and-simple-ai-r120
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