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  1. are there any animations available for the generic leadwerk model? Also someone suggested the crawler.mdl....I can't find it in leadwerks
  2. put in animation sequences so everyone can use them
  3. Is there any universal human/animal/monster??? animation add on for 3D models. I can either make 3D models or convert to 3ds,b3d, obj, x but there is never any animation way to make them do something...... isn't there some basic models with animation in them??
  4. I saw examples of how to make a map or scene in Lua in the help...but how do you begin to? Where do you enter the code in Leadwerks? I dont see any editor or anything in the program that allows you to do it. Also what happened to the sale of the big terrain and tree map? I looked today and it is gone.
  5. fixed it ---- used the ALinst program in SteamApps/leadwerks......its working now ....funny that it pointed the error at a more recent VC-redist than 2015..through Steam launch got NO ERROR message- only when loaded directly within local file did I get a error message.
  6. I looked at previous posts and checked the vc-redist...... I did not have the vc 2015-64 redist from the steamapps. I did however have the vc 2017, 2013,2012,and other previous. when I tried to install the vc 2015 it failed saying a newer version was installed (ie 2017). I removed VC2017 and then installed VC2015. Leadwerks Pro still will not run- Is there some other way to directly load Leadwerks without going thru STEAM????????
  7. Leadwerks will not start thru Steam. Verified the install thru Steam says its ok......Pops up and says Preparing to Launch and never opens... Since it starts with a a steam "rungame #########" I have no idea where the files are. Even though I bought it on Steam can I get a proper download from the LEADWERKS site - one that will install in Program Files for Win 64???? It creeps me out that it loads with an online "rungame" thing from steam. It worked ok about a month or so ago...
  8. I am so bummed out. Still can't make any sense out of Monkey. Also cannot get any MS-Visual Studio stuff to work on my computer.
  9. works fine, way better than having to go online and read a web page help file. Shame Microsoft dumped this idea..
  10. Mack, Milkshape is not the issue- it will correctly convert other OBJ files to B3D format. Those texture just fine.
  11. Like the primitives edit tools in Leadwerks - but....when you export them from LeadWerks in OBJ format for use in other programs - the meshes do not texture properly when converted to B3D format- something is wrong with them Josh.. for example I created a simple cube, made it hollow with thickness, edited one face with a cutout, exported all as a OBJ, (at this point I can texture it in 3DCoat okay), opened the OBJ in Milkshape3D, exported it from there to B3D format- thru Blitz it will not texture properly as a B3D model.
  12. Leadwerks is not loading from Steam. If I try to use the steam/rungame icon-link nothing happens. The computer reports Leadwerks is running- but nothing is open- no window, etc. I just bought the Standard edition DLC to add to the indie edition and Steam says it installed it. Anyway - the launch from Steam is dead..... my other Steam items run properly- I am on Win 10 professional.. please help or tell me how to download again from Steam
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