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  1. Just a useless map I made after 3 days of having the engine. Can't seem to get rid of the trash though...
  2. Experimenting with OpenGL4 tessellation for terrain rendering
  3. Using tessellation for terrain rendering (WIP)
  4. Wanted to see what would happen if Crawler passed through a transport trigger ( Rick aka: Pillar's Transport Script).
  5. Setting up a simple floor, player and a crawler in Leadwerks. Building a NavMesh for crawler to track and attack player.
  6. This lesson will demonstrate how to add a first-person character controller to any map and use it to navigate the scene. You'll also learn how prefabs work and how they can be used to make development more efficient by providing ready-made templates of com
  7. I wanted to see if I could get a good non-directional wave ripple animation using a simple fluid simulation algorithm. The result is a tiling looping animation with no distinct direction of flow. I'm pretty happy with the animation results, although the
  8. We've added native support for the new Steam controller, as well as the Steamworks SDK for easy publishing of Leadwerks games.
  9. The start of CH the game.
  10. In this video I'll show you four new enhancements that make it easier to get your models into Leadwerks 3.1. The FBX import will now automatically generate material files so you don't have to create them by hand. Physics shapes can now be stored in a sin
  11. What's better than a 2 ton industrial fire door? How about five of them!
  12. My preliminary tests for my ladder script.
  13. Messing around with the particle emitter. The weird black artifacts are from my laptop drivers.
  14. Two shader effects working together in LE3. Waiting for access to default buffer to try other effects.
  15. I made this with Leadwerks Game Engine! You can find our project "Endless Light" on IndieGoGo: http://igg.me/p/796410/x/640780
  16. I made this with Leadwerks Game Engine! You can find our project "Endless Light" on IndieGoGo: http://igg.me/p/796410/x/6407803
  17. I made this with Leadwerks Game Engine!
  18. Community member 'Niosop' had graciously given the community a route to play videos in LE2.31 via lua. I was able to get this to work in Leadwerks 3.2 Indie by reworking his original scripts.
  19. Demonstration of vehicle prototype coming in Leadwerks 3.3.
  20. Modified the default 2D shaders to rotate rectangles, text, and images. Also added gradient to rectangles and text.
  21. Work in progress early video of dynamically created 'houses' on the grid. They still need 'doors' and collision with the player.
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