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  1. I'm going to switch to Linux, I just can't stand Windows any longer. Will the newer platforms run under linux? Robert
  2. So now, my programs name is Ultra App Kit instead of Ultra Engine. Are you merging them? Robert PS. is there any game made with this as of yet? If so I would like to see some source code as I learn faster from that.
  3. Robert_d1968


    Cool, I can't wait to get my hands on that... Robert
  4. Robert_d1968


    How do I get this Texture.IO Program? is it out already? Robert
  5. I ran into that last night, it never caught me though... it's not fast enough. By the way, what version of leadwerks was this game made in? Robert
  6. I did purchase that game through steam for my son...
  7. What is with Visual C++? there is no object oriented window in the program that I can find... I about ready to create libraries in XOJO to support my programming in Xojo it is object oriented programming in ever aspect of it. This way I can make cool games with it. Robert
  8. Thank you sir, I shall try that out. should do me some good. Robert
  9. Hey, thank you for that code it did draw the Triangle as it should. But I did not notice a difference with the buttons, I will check it again.. Robert
  10. when I place the code here: while (true) { auto err = glGetError(); if (err != 0) Print(err); //Check for events const Event ev = WaitEvent(); switch (ev.id) { case EVENT_WINDOWPAINT: if (ev.source == subwindow) { iVec2 sz = subwindow->ClientSize(); glViewport(0, 0, sz.x, sz.y); glClearColor(0.15f, 0.15f, 0.15f, 1.0f); glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT | GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT); glBegin(GL_TRIA
  11. Not on the second window no, but on the first window I got a code of 1282 in the debug console. Robert
  12. This was the code from it: #include "UltraEngine.h" using namespace UltraEngine; #include <GL/GL.h> #pragma comment (lib, "opengl32.lib") bool ResizeViewport(const Event& ev, shared_ptr<Object> extra) { if (ev.id == EVENT_WINDOWSIZE) { auto window = ev.source->As<Window>(); iVec2 sz = window->ClientSize(); auto subwindow = extra->As<Window>(); subwindow->SetShape(200 + 1, 8 + 1, sz.x - 200 - 8 - 2, sz.y - 16 - 2); } return true; } int main(int argc, c
  13. Well, the first top half of the code produced a whit colored box. seems to be okay. But the second box from the code below produced a darker colored box, with three objects to be clicked on. No matter which one I clicked, nothing was drawn to the screen. Robert
  14. So if I want to try out the openGL project, Which is the correct one to use for the code to draw the triangle with colors? Robert
  15. Ok, I will try it out. Thank you very much for your help sir. Robert
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