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  1. I am new to Ultra App Kit. I was going through some of the samples and things were going fine until I tried the Load an Image Sample. When I get the the part about adding the .dll to the main function I get the following error: Loading plugin "C:/Users/*****/Documents/Ultra Engine/Projects/GUI Application 5/Plugins/FITextureLoader.dll" Error code: 193 Error: Failed to load library "C:\Users\******\Documents\Ultra Engine\Projects\GUI Application 5\Plugins\FITextureLoader.dll". Unloading plugin "C:\Users\*****\Documents\Ultra Engine\Projects\GUI Application 5\Plugins\FITextureLoader
  2. I work for Booz Allen Hamilton.
  3. I was there. I wished I had known about the displays showing example of Leadwerks projects. There was a ton of VR stuff this year.
  4. Will there be an opportunity for early access purchase in order to get involved in the beta test?
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