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  1. Hello, firstly thanks a lot for this amazing framework. Now my question is; I'm starting a notepad process everytime I press a button, I push_back the process handle to a vector and update a label and show the current number of the vector's size. Like this; auto proc = CreateProcess("C:/Windows/notepad.exe"); procList.push_back(proc); label1->SetText(procList.size()); Now, when the user clicks the close button of any notepad window opened by the app, I want to catch this, close that process and remove it from the vector and update the label with current number. I don't w
  2. Hello, thanks for the improvements. I've found a minor visual bug with the launcher (or framework idk). When I start the launcher with 100% display scale, the ultraengine logo is rendered at wrong placed. Then, if I set 125% scale and then 100% back while the launcher is still running, the logo goes to correct place. It is like, the code calculates it wrong firstly, but second time it corrects.
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