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  1. This is an ID that steam assigns to each product. Here : http://store.steampowered.com/app/251810/ Number is the steam ID. But this is no hack to make it run outside the Steam. This only allows to run Steam integrated software outside Steam while Steam is running. Best eg. is you can test your new version of software how it works in Steam without uploading it to Steam.
  2. OK, Definitely this is an update problem, all my projects needs a update on project manager.
  3. Hi, My installation of LE behaves badly today. I had it working just fine few days ago but today is not happy. So when I run it from Steam I'm getting an error that executable is not found but when I run it from terminal All is nice and working , added steam_appid.txt to make it work. Looks to me like Steam publishing did not go as expected. Where there was an update ? I'm honestly not sure did 3.6 is now official release recently updated or was it for some time now. I did remove all content from my box and re-installed LE. Same result. This cannot be a distro specific but j
  4. OK, thanks. Will look into that.
  5. Hi, So I can't find a good example or tutorial on how to create a bullet projectile that will fire in given direction and vanish if get off screen or hit an obstacle. On the forum subject of bullets is mostly covered in FPS type game where you would use a raycasting with no visible bullet. Only post that relates to bullet I'm after is http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/11941-bullet-hell/page__hl__bullet but to be honest there is no LUA code to start with and there is no answer actually how to go about it. Did somebody tried to do it ? Please correct me if I'm wrong but it looks l
  6. A gif to show a little action.
  7. Thanks for reply @Dexter. Had to tinker around but I think this will pass for very simplified controller for shmup. Obviously this is a starting point. function Script:Start() --Create a camera self.camera = Camera:Create() --Update the camera self:UpdateCamera() self.startposition = self.entity:GetPosition() -- Ship Vars self.entity:SetMass(1) self.entity:SetGravityMode(false) self.entity:SetFriction(0,0) minimal_speed = 5 max_speed = 20 max_pos = 15 pos = 0 speed = 5 throttle = 1 vel = Vec3(pos,0,speed) self.entity:SetVelocity(vel) end function Script:UpdateCamera() self.camera:SetRot
  8. Hi, I'm trying to do a simple mockup of a shmup. Taking controls from marble game tutorial at least for a start all seems to be working fine. Applying force to an object works as desired but for obvious reason force looses it's kinetics and object eventually stops. This is all good, but what if I would like to have a minimal speed of an object that moves in one direction. I have used SetVelocity but that also is not constant and value decreases without any update. If I will be updating velocity on UpdateWorld (currently commented out) then AddForce is not working smoothly. Any advice ?
  9. You did not tried the demo first ? Please don't come up with this like author should feel guilty that editor does not work on tiling window manager. Leadweks works not just on Ubuntu or Ubuntu default window manager so there is quite a lot of flexibility.
  10. I do and my kids as well and will not buy overpriced hardware because it's shiny.
  11. I have enjoyed the trial period while it lasted. I have tried it mainly due editor is native to Linux and has not been disappointed. If you remember my post on Steam and around here I only asked one thing to be fixed which is IMO important if you want to spend more time in it. Your post suggest you are unlikely to fix it, at least You are honest. Thanks.
  12. Great to hear, any updates will be appreciated. I'm waiting for this in order to purchase the engine.
  13. Yes i agree. Having option to go from 4 into 1 viewpoint will be perfect, resize on the fly is not that useful but switching to one big window is.
  14. Yeah, look here : http://steamcommunity.com/app/251810/discussions/0/613956964581554868/ Author does not want to fix this. For me it's also an important feature which still keeps me back from buying it.
  15. Sure Josh, for me personally is not a massive problem, but single viewport on Linux would be great Thanks
  16. Yes, for free games or demos this will work, not for commercial though. Greenlight/Steam and other forms of distribution are no problem. I'm more interested how this engine is ready for commercial releases. OSX release date would be nice too but from posts around this forum it looks like this engine is maintained by one person. This can be a long time. Thanks for the game, will check it later.
  17. Thanks, that answers one question but does publish button generate binary for given OS ? do you have maybe something I can download and see for myself (even one of the default maps)? Linux please if possible, Win is also OK.
  18. Hi All, I'm using a demo version to evaluate is the engine will be a good purchase. Seems like there is no list what's disabled/ not working in demo version apart from it's just LUA for scripting. I have tried to publish (create a standalone version of map I have created) but engine does not allow (button is not active). I assume this is due to demo version but would like to be certain. Does published version of a game will allow anyone who have my game and Leadwerks engine to import maps and models from my game? How easy is to create main menu or HUD in the game ? Official tut
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