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  1. mdgunn
    Ludum Dare 37 starts in 12 hours (as I type this)
    Most of you probably know (I think), but Ludum Dare is a game dev competition where you have to complete a game in 48 hours from scratch (no externals assets I think).
    The JAM portion of the event is a bit more relaxed and gives you 72 hours (if my memory serves me right - I really should check the rules) You can use external assets (I think - again I should have checked the rules before posting this right ).
    In the past I have sometimes participated unofficially and used it as a focus point to force myself to try to do a game in very tight timescale and so be forced to jettison most of the fluff you waste your time with normally.
    I think I might give the JAM (not the DARE) a go this year but probably just unofficially for my own benefit. Don't necessarily plan to submit anything as currently I already know I will have limited time over this weekend so it just might not happen. I suppose one outcome could be that I come up with the start of a small game I can enter into the Leadwerks Winter Tournament in just 2 days and can then either choose to submit that or continue on with my main idea.
    It can be a useful event to try out something that you've never got round to before in a bit of software (e.g. Leadwerks) and to refine your workflow.
    Sometimes there are also offers on software around this time which area usually highlighted on the site though I can't see any information on it at this time
    As I type this the theme is currently accepting voting still.
    Having a theme helps focus your mind but also think of things that might be outside your preferred area (space zombies etc.)
    If anyone decides to enter, officially or unofficially then good luck.
  2. mdgunn
    Blender Cloud 50% Off Cyber Monday Only
    For about 15 euros (think it was about 12UK pounds) you get 3 months access to Blender Cloud.
    This gives you access to some decent Blender training videos and some rigged blender characters but also quite a large selection of good quality textures which from what I could gather are CC-0 licensed (no credit even required). I could be wrong on that but whenever they mention textures they seem to say CC-0 along with it though it's not actually on the individual items.
    Many textures have multiple maps. Some up to about 5 or 6 (displacement, normal etc).
    I thought this was a great deal and help support Blender make films which directly pushes forwards the Blender tech as they use the money to develop tools to more easily make their current film.
    I joined straight away when I saw this, but then I'd thought about it a few times in order to access the training and assets.
  3. mdgunn
    Well I seem to have left it till the last minute again and found only a single day to get this game done.
    Turned out to be more of a prototype than a full game. Modification of the Leadwerks marble game sample.
    Single level. Collect the 10 energy spheres in the shortest time.
    Needs more work, but out of time.
  4. mdgunn
    Haven't yet worked out how to modify my listing for my game so here are a few images so you can see what it looks like.... I'm thinking it probably looks better when it is moving....
    EDIT: I worked out how to get edit my game listing..yipeeee!



  5. mdgunn
    A few days ago (last minute as usual) I thought I'd try and do an entry for the Leadwerks Winter Game Competition Entry. I hadn't created ANY games up to that point having just bought the software so didn't initially think I'd get anything playable done but I had a few ideas and the result is....
    'Crazy Auto Present Dash' !!!!
    Yeah. I'm not too pleased with the name but it'll do.
    I'm still trying to get it uploaded to the site while I write this.
    A number of issues to resolve so it's more of a Beta (maybe Alpha ), but the basic game is there.
    My aim was just to complete a game that could be played (at all) - by me, so I think so far I've achieved my goal!
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