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  1. mdgunn

    Environment Test

    Early environment test for possible future game.
  2. mdgunn


    Testing out some cogs and sparks....looks better moving.
  3. mdgunn

    Walled Garden 1

    Brush contruction test. Everything except the tree is a brush. Bushes are multiple spheres with Workshop ground plant textures. New sky box seems to be giving less blown out appearance with default settings of post effects.
  4. mdgunn

    Mass Micron

  5. mdgunn


  6. mdgunn


  7. mdgunn


  8. mdgunn

    Mass Micron

  9. mdgunn

    Mass Micron

  10. Not sure if you're saying it now was working so not a problem, but if it's still a problem I would suggest grabbing the string you use in the c++ version just before you USE it and just check it over visually for oddities like spaces etc. and stick it back a browser and make sure it's what you thought it was and works. Basically it sounds like it probably should work but might be something silly in formatting that just looks correct on a quick glance. Also it can simplify things to try HTTP rather than HTTPS initially just to remove the problem of any SSL certificate complaints. Ju
  11. Been meaning to put time into C++ but for now have more experience in C# and Lua so voted for that.
  12. I don't see it in my account. If you joined the KickStarter (as I did) should it be showing now? Steam key working.
  13. Hi, Unfortunately my daughter has had a severe long term illness since November which she is still suffering from and likely will for quite some time to come. Ultimately she should be OK but it will take a long time. Things deteriorated around Christmas. I haven't had the strength or time to do anything on the project or many other things in my life. Due to these issues I don't really feel I can really commit to anything. I find this a bit annoying as I'd love to have got this into a better state but to get something worth a look at still feels like it would be a good chunk of time. Mayb
  14. Small update: Haven't found too much time. My job and family issues have had to take priority. I have made a small amount of progress and I'll continue to pick away. Hopefully have something to show by the end of this week.
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