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  1. Hello, thanks for the answer. Just try to get it figured out, how to export this *.shader Files out of ShaderTool. I was told, that it is possible. Now I am on working on that. C.U. R.E.Z.
  2. Hello Ma-Shell, thank You for Your answer. Am I right...that I have to install f.e. the c++ community-edition? Without that, the *.fx files wont be taken by the Engine? C.U. R.E.Z.
  3. Hello, I do use *.fx Shader files and try to get them going at my LE-Project. Got an external Tool, The ShaderTool on Steam. In the desprition it reads, that the current Version supports LE. How can I use this Effect files? The Shader-Files I used so far are *.shader Files (Lua based). Got the Standart Version of the LE. Do I have to install necessaryly a Visual Studio Express to work with these *.fx files? Or could I run the *.fx-files anyway, also without the Visual Studio. Might someone know an answer? That would be great. C.U. REZ
  4. Hello shadmar and Crazycarpet, thank You for Your Help. Now it works Did build the "Nav Mesh". Thank You alot. Have a nice day, C.U. R.E.Z.
  5. Hello, added a Zombie Model from the Zombie Character Pack and set the Properties up exactly like the Monsters at the Demo "07-AI and Events.map" using the "MonsterAI.lua" script. What else do I have to set up, to make the Zombie attack the Player, approaching a certain distance? My Zombie does not react, only when I do stand infront of it and shoot at it, it reaches after me (one left, one right, allover again) and hurts me. When I do walk away, it stopps. Not fllowing me for example. How Do I make it attack me continously and beeing a death-scaring-danger? Does anyone have a
  6. Hello, added the M4wld from the "FPS Weapons Pack" DCL to my Level and set the properies like they are set at the Demo Level, that comes with the DCL. All works fine, weapon is equippable and fires in DEBUG (F5) and RUN (F6) Mode. When I do pubish the Game and run the MyGame.exe, the M4 gun is no longer equippable (the hand apprears, but You cant pick it up). The Hand works on other things like opening a door (hand appears, Pressing "E", Door opens). Does anyone might have a hint for me? That would be great. C.U. R.E.Z.
  7. Hello, @YouGroove: I already got bought some Model and Texture Packs at Stores like DexSoft, Terminal 26 or at Turbosquid. FBX-Models work great with Leadwerks. But still got no animated f.e. Zombies or something alike that. If I get an animated FBX-File with attack, walk animations etc. what do I have to look after, to make them going with LE3.3? @Josh: Good, I did not say someting to bother You. I understand, that You have to go after the interests of the large number of users. They want working Models for their Leverls in their Games. Not really worrying about doing all of the
  8. Hello YouGroove and Josh, thank You for Your answers Hope to have no one offended by the post I wrote? My intention of changing the files was to proceed in learning. Wanted to set up textures different and watch, which effects that would do. Changing and Watching the result to set up an individual way. The files and Maps of the DCLs look great for sure Ready to use. Just wanted to create something own. Taking an already animated Model and chaning the textures. A Model, that works at LE. Now I know, that I can´t do it this way. Thank You. Have a nice week, C.U. REZ
  9. Hello, so far I did not got an answer... just guessing... I did not find around any tool or plugin for exporting the LE Mdl-Files to a 3D Program or the possibility to open up the *.tex Files externally with a grafic Program. The only thing I find are possibiliies to import Files from 3D Programs into LE but not the way back. Is this set up on purpose? For example to protect artwork in the Workshops? Am I right or did I just not find the tools, plugins or Programs I do look for? Have I nice day, C.U. REZ
  10. Hello, I do use the Indie Version 3.3 of the LE. I did buy 3 Workshop Addons as a DCL on Steam: FPS Weapons Pack, SiFi Interior Construction Kit and Zombie Character Pack. Is it possible, to edit the Model Fils *.mdl externally with 3D/Model Program and Texture Files (*.tex) with a Grafic-Editor/Program? Does anyone has experience with this? Want to edit the files. Is it possible to convert them? And how would that work? Is there a way to receive the *.mdl Models as a *.fbx or the Textures as a PNG/TGA File? Does anyone know help? Have a nice day. C.U. REZ
  11. Hello, I was digging for this line... but still could not find it. Not in the FPSPlayer.lua nor in other scripts. Where is this app file located? Might someone have help for this question? C.U. R.E.Z.
  12. This seems to be free, as the terms of copyright are listed under the symbol http://www.google.de/imgres?imgurl=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c0/Biohazard_symbol.svg/520px-Biohazard_symbol.svg.png&imgrefurl=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biological_hazard&h=520&w=520&tbnid=3Ob-TjydsEivfM:&zoom=1&tbnh=90&tbnw=90&usg=__uZYyVsNZg3Z56yXuEef1DEK4sug=&docid=r9JLek3Vh1UvKM&hl=de-DE&client=ms-android-samsung&sa=X&ei=o8azU96CCqnC7Abw4oDICw&ved=0CBEQ9QEwAg
  13. Hello, thank You shadmar for the help I did find the lines in the shader code. But where do I set the third part, You listed? Where do I find or edit this line? C.U. R.E.Z.
  14. Hello, I do work with Glowshaders in my Level. Is there a possibility, to make the Glow-Light fade in and fade out (Only texture 5)? Like a blinking Light. Great work by shadmar ... Glow Shader: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/files/file/473-glowmapshaders-leadwerks31/ Might someone have a hint to me for that purpose? C.U. R.E.Z.
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