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Chasing RIM light/reflections




My first blog entry yaay smile.png

Testing some shaders I did for an another direct3d engine a while back.


Rim lights or reflection are kind of cool because in real life when you look at a shiny car the reflections gets more intense the lower angle of attack you look at the surface.


So this is an attamept to mimic this, but you can also use it to background light your meshes.


To control amount of rim light I use some fresnel settings like this in the shader:


float Fresnel_Start = -0.1; //rim start lowest angle
float Fresnel_End = 0.70; //rim end widest angle
float Fresnel_Multiplier = 2.0;
vec4 Fresnel_Color = vec4(1,1,1,1);
float Fresnel_Cubemix = 0.15;


I didn't have a suitable sportscar to demonstrate it properly but a statue and a sphere will do just fine.


Rim Reflections using cubemap





Red rim-light (no reflections)




Pure rim light no ambient or other light sources



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They look amazing. If you had an fps gun with scope you would definitely want the first one as its shader!


I have no idea when it comes to shaders and I'm going to need to learn. Where does one start?

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