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  1. tjheldna

    The Borrower

    1 download

    Escape the dungeon using your power to control the elements. This release includes the first puzzle only and will update as the project progresses Movement W = Forward S = Back A = Strafe Left D = Strafe Right Actions F = Torch (If fire has been borrowed) E = Pickup/Use LMB = Cast Element RMB = Borrow Element The demo includes the first two puzzles 'escape your cell' and 'the combination' only.
  2. tjheldna

    Cold Feet 2


    For centuries mankind has been searched in vein for the perfect Snow Cone on that hot summers day. Legend has it that deep in the Arctic, an elite unit of penguins have unlocked the secrets to this overwhelming problem humanity faces. As a last resort we turned to these “Masters of Ice” to do what mankind has failed to do…. Crush that ice for the snow cones and FAST! Push the ice cubes into the hatch and open to grind the ice. W = Move Up S = Move Down A = Move Left D = Move Right Enter = Open Hatch Cold Feet_360p.mp4
  3. tjheldna

    Cold Feet


    I have really enjoyed working on this project, and hope you get a couple of minutes of fun playing it! Introduction Introducing my “Machine For Penguins” submission with the tentative name of “Cold Feet”. I've actually had quite a bit of time to work on it as I’ve taken some annual leave I then fell sick for a bit and there have also been a few late nights also. Although it’s a big work in progress I am more than happy with the progress that has been made. What I have currently is a working demo so it’s on to fixing bugs and hopefully some more artwork and polish. Keeping things
  4. tjheldna

    Dwarf Beard

    1 download

    Dwarf Beard Developed By BCS for the "Cirque des Jeux" Game Tournament 2018 v0.1.0 Story Crack some Goblin skull and loot hidden treasure as you journey deep into the lairs of fowel creatures In the Realm of Enlil. Notes Demo Only. You can only complete the first level and you are returned to the map. Controls Mouse LMB Attack Hover + LMB + Item/Prop Use/Pickup Keyboard WASD movement Shift (Hold) sprint 1 Debug Collision On/Off 2 Debug Navmesh On/Off 3 Debug Output On/Off
  5. tjheldna

    Dead Anyway

  6. A quick look into my project 'Mages Alchemy'. Showing elements such as cutscenes; educational elements; casting and basic gameplay. Thanks for watching.
  7. tjheldna

    Multiple Shadows

    I'm not doing much 3D work at the moment, but all of this development is getting me really excited for when I return.
  8. I think the name and the logo is....
  9. Not sure if this is what your asking? Sorry if not .h enum { kFlag1 1 << 0, kFlag2 1 << 1, kFlag3 1 << 2 }; class Foo { private: long flags; public: Foo(); } .cpp Foo::Foo() { //set some flags flags |= kFlag1 | kFlag2; //remove flag flags &= ~kFlag1; } Foo::Test(long flag) { //check flag is set in variable if(flag & kFlag1) { } //check flag is not set in variable if(!(flag & kFlag1)) { } }
  10. In some ways it's a double edged sword for me and the scaling import fix and relates to a bug post I did ages ago. Problem for me now is I need to scale everything by 100 to compensate and make them the right size. Id much rather the scale work properly like it is now, it just means a bit of extra work in the short term as I want my models scaled properly on import. Once again.... I'm super happy with this. I haven't done much testing as far as this goes but I think there is a picking bug in the editor with the newly imported models (not sure if this is isolated to a newly imported skinne
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