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Leadwerks.com launches new community features



Leadwerks.com now features a video gallery where our members can post movies of their games made with Leadwerks Engine. Instead of slowly uploading a huge video file, you can simply enter a YouTube video ID to submit movies. Check out some of the cool videos like Legos falling over to a techno soundtrack, fly through floating islands in Aerora, and of course there's Dave Lee's excellent Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.


We've also created a random rotating banner image in our website header. Leadwerks developers can now submit their own Leadwerks.com banners and have them appear on our site.

-Banner images must be 980x128 pixels in size, in JPG format, with 10% compression (high quality).

-Your profile will be linked to from the small box in the upper right corner of the banner.

-The title you submit will appear in the URL popup title.

-Banners will appear in the rotation after they are approved by the staff.

-If we have used one of your gallery images, feel free to resubmit it so you can get it linked to your account, and get full credit.


We hope these new community features give our users even more ways to interact and have fun making games.


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