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Leadwerks Engine 2.43 Released



Leadwerks Engine 2.43 is now available. This version features improved raycast performance, a new DRAWEACH entity callback, and a few small bug fixes. Registered developers can download the update by running the Leadwerks Updater.


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Does the 'improved raycast performance' refer to loading the raycast structure when the model is first loaded to prevent the stutter caused by first raycast?

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Are you referring to the Flip hook? That's global isn't it, I guess I was thinking this was a per entity callback.

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There's an object:DrawEach(camera) function you can declare in Lua. I recommend the object:Draw() function for animation, since it will only get called once per render, and DrawEach() can be called multiple times.

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It's a callback that gets run when the entity is actually culled in the rendering process. Once it is determined this entity is visible, the Draw() and DrawEach() functions will be called. (The Draw() function only gets called once per render, so it won't be called again if an entity is rendered by two cameras or two light sources). This is useful for animation, because you can perform animation only when you are sure an entity is going to be drawn.

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..hi guys..i haven't do any updates for ages, so it seems I have missed few versions..so, where i can get Updater, so i can download 2.43 ? I have lost my track a bit :)



..ah..got it..sory.. :)

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It's eliminated the bulk of the pausing on our games firing range, when you are spraying lots of lead around it was pretty annoying.


And the AABB fix solved AOE damage testing too. Only thing I still have problems with are coronas, I'll look at those later.


Can the new DrawEach() be used to paint different skins on player vehicles you think?

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No, because

Can the new DrawEach() be used to paint different skins on player vehicles you think?

That won't work. It would be just the same as if you had applied a material outside the render call.

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Guest Red Ocktober


seems like the above mentioned issue only appears if the amplitude is set really high... like fw.renderer.SetWaterAmplitude(64.6)



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Thanks for putting in the work for this new update you are Awesome!


PS: how do you get to the updater?



Vickie :blink:

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