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The game is released!

Thanks to everyone who has been with us since Early Access started!
We hope you enjoy the final result.

You can buy and download game with 15% discount here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1807590/SALVATIONLAND

What will happen next?

We plan to support the game with small updates, and in parallel with this... Let's just say that no one plans to stop at one game in the team. As soon as we have something to tell you, we will definitely do it in the Steam community.

Subscribe to our Telegram: @erkgames

And for those who played older versions, it is highly recommended to delete saved games AND configuration files using SavedgamesRemover.bat in the game folder before launching the release version.



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12 minutes ago, Josh said:

Congratulations. Everyone should try this game. :)

Thanks a lot. Bad that we had to turn off the ragdoll physics at the last moment. Game randomly crashed with newton.dll. This game is sorely lacking in real physics. We even made a motorcycle based on a character class, as they would have done in the games of the 90s, to get around the technical problems of the engine.

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