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SALVATIONLAND Update (0.1.9) - January 9, 2022



After several days of development from the moment of release, we are ready to submit to you the first update of our game. Please support us, add to wishlist and share with your friends about SALVATIONLAND: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1807590/SALVATIONLAND/


Added a hint for picking up a hammer (basement of an abandoned school),
The mechanics of blocking due fights have been revised: now enemy hits are blocking more effectively,
Fixed a critical bug with opening inventory under certain conditions,
Added a hint when using first-aid kits, if the character has maximum health,
Added a hint when picking up pills, if the character has a full supply,
Added initial support for Steam Achievements,
Level "Beginning": now you can't go through the Semyon and you can't leave guest house until you talk with him again,
Level "Police Station - 2": now the inventory is turned off until the backpack is picked up (elements of survival are frozen at this moment),
Level "Old Neighborhood - 1": distant range of some objects has been increased,
Level "Old Neighborhood - 1": Semyon is now correctly taking medicine when you moving between levels/sleeping,
Revised and extended some dialogues (reseller, Schweitzer),
Fixed a dialogue with a reseller that appears without him after moving between levels,
Some enemies have less health points and slower attack speed now,
Special item name no longer overlap the compass image in inventory,
Increased distance of flashlight; the night auto light has become a little brighter,
Fixed the disappearing dialogue with Helen if the character goes to sleep/returned from another level,
Fixed bug with the display of weapons where they could not be used (and vice versa, their disappearance, where possible),
The dialogue with the grandson will now work even after the transitions between levels,
Enemies no longer screaming an alert voice lines when character is already fallen in battle;
Balanced the replay time of enemy alert voice lines,
Fixed a bug with clinic guard's waypoints when he's going back to work,
Fixed a bug with the endless repeating of "Task completed" hint after completing the task of the Pharmacist,
Fixed some logic bugs in the side quests.

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