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Ultra Engine SDK Now Available




I'm pleased to announce that Ultra Engine SDK Early Access is now available. Four years ago, I set out to solve the performance problems I was seeing while working on virtual reality projects at NASA. Ultra Engine is the product of a lot of intense research and development during which I invented a new architecture designed for the way modern graphics hardware works. The results exceeded my wildest expectations, providing Ultra Engine with order-of-magnitude faster rendering performance than Leadwerks or Unity.


Cyber Samurai by Khoa Minh

The initial release is a C++ programming SDK for WIndows that provides access to the all new Ultra Engine API. Similar to Leadwerks, but utilizing modern C++ features like smart pointers, the new API features native support for loading all proprietary Leadwerks formats, so you can easily pull your existing 3D content into the new engine with updated graphics and performance.

In addition to being really fast, Ultra Engine provides a ton of new possibilities:

Here's a video that goes through some of the new capabilities:

Continued Development

We're just getting started! There's a lot more great technology on the way. Here are some of the main features in development:

  • New visual editor with customizable extensions
  • VR support
  • Linux and Mac versions
  • C# programming support
  • Lua programming support
  • Advanced global illumination and reflections
  • Box2D physics
  • Newton Dynamics 4 physics

Ultra Engine will be licensed at $9.99 a month, with a 20% discount for early adopters. If you would like to join the Ultra Engine journey towards a better tomorrow with maximum efficiency, activate your plan and get started using your new secret weapon.

See you on the forum!

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Congrats!!  I remember when you started this journey.  So good to see it all come togeather into an awsome product!  Looking forward to the future of Ultra!

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1 hour ago, DoomSlayer said:

As for now how is the sound file format support in Ultra? Is ogg support available?

Leadwerks supported this for a long time. This should be supported but I haven't personally tried. 

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Currently it supports wav for sound. I want to add ogg and mp3 as plugins but I haven’t added support for sound loader plugins yet.

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Congrats on this next impressive milestone Josh! It's really respectable just how far you've come since the days of the BlitzMax Leadwerks version, and just how much time you've dedicated to this project.

Checking my email, I first bought Leadwerks Jan 3, 2009, and that seems like a lifetime ago now. I grabbed a yearly sub to UltraEngine to continue supporting the dream.

Not sure if this year will finally be the year I seriously pursue a hobbyist gamedev project or not, but I enjoyed watching the "Introduction to Ultra Engine API" video on YT, and I still love the pragmatic way your API works, which was what got me into the original version to begin with.

Anyways, keep up the great work. I look forward to an exciting year of further updates and awesome features!

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