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Simplex Noise



I don't deal with noise shaders that much but there are a lot of examples on Shadertoy. It has a lot of uses depending on what you want, but very often I see noise being used with raymarching to create 3D scenes. I prefer using textures because I can get what I want out of them and noise is a lot of math (noise shaders can get very large very quickly), but I figured a good shader series ought to have a noise function somewhere.


I got this noise from iq of Shadertoy fame. Just a nice little simplex noise:




You can make a mask out of your noise and mix two textures:


31_noise mask.zip


Here's a simple hash function:


32_glitchy console.zip


At this point I've almost got all 52 shaders. I may slow down a bit until I know I can plot the rest of the way. Just want to make sure I've got them right before I post them.


Happy shading!


Next: Vertex Displacement...




Recommended Comments

Does the noise shader produce different results outside the range of (0,1)? It would be interesting to see two textures mixed with random noise across a large surface with no repetition.

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I think so. I set the mask size to 0.1 and  I don't think I'm seeing any repetition.



At ground level it looks good. The textures themselves repeat.






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