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Almost a week now .....

Marleys Ghost


Well, its been almost a week since the release of 2.3 and although I have been working away at it there is still so much new functionality I have not had a chance to fully explore yet. I decided the best approach would be to go back to basics, so to speak. Investigate how the new lua scripting and other features would cross over to C++ and Framewerk, this is still on going for me, and I am mixing that aspect in with getting to grips with the new functions in the editor. All in all I am impressed.


The only real problem I have at the moment is do I continue learning C++, I have after all only been coding in it for about two months, or change to Bmax or just concentrate on scripting. I am trying to decide which would be best for the new functionality of 2.3


For me this is key and the basic building block for any venture, especially an actual game. I am looking forward to the tutorials on lua and how it can be used. I do think we have entered a very exciting time with LE, and patience is still needed.


As I always say " Grant me patience lord .... but hurry up!! " :D


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If you're not planning on any intense game, I suggest you simply copy an example code for LUA integration from a C++ or BlitzMax tutorial, then make your whole game in LUA. ;) Or you could wait for my C# wrapper, which will have an all-in-one LUA integration, such as "Scripting.Initialize();".

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come over to bmax ;) its easier and lua scripted emitters work with our framewerk :P




If you said it was because you had beer and strippers then I'd not have to make a decision :P

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I looked at blitzmax and really like the way the code looks, but it seems that LE support is geared towards C++ which i understand from the point of view of AAA games, but with LE developed in blitmax (correct me if im wrong) i would have thought this would be geard towards blitz users.


I have the problem of being a full time delphi developer but unfortunatly there is very little support for delphi and i dont want to be the only 1 of a hand full on the forums that use LE & delphi. So im currently using C++, simply so i can get max support, but i am finding it difficult my C++ knowledge is very little.


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Thanks for all your responses, it was never about what would be easiest or quickest to learn/use/Master though, I was trying to decide which would be best for the new functionality of 2.3 I have made a decision and I am going to use ......

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Grant me patience lord .... but hurry up!!

Haha... thats the funniest expression I've heard in a while.


With regard to your game language decision, its possibly too late to offer my advise as you seem to have already decided but, I'd advocate sticking with C++ as although it may be harder to learn initially in the end I believe it pays dividends as it's game industry standard (which if your going to put the time in to learn something you might as well get some recognition for it). It also has better support for OOP than BlitzMax. In addition to this, some of the best game oriented code libraries in the world are coded in C/C++. From my current understanding you will have slightly less linkage with LUA at the moment by going down the C++ route but despite the undoubted advantages of using LUA for some things writing an entire game engine in LUA seems pointless and really isn't playing to its strengths. No one does this in the commercial games industry and it's worth spending a little time to ask yourself why!

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@PIxel: well the way I see things now is I have all 3 ;) I am not finding much diff. between the syntax and am switching between them quite happily, maybe this was because I was not too far down one road or the other, but I appreciate what it is you are saying.


@Mack: Warm ? Thats going to ruin my cold, frosty and downright hostile reputation lol

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