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Beta update available



An update is available on the beta branch for Windows, editor and Lua executables only. This fixes a problem in the new light update system:




The animation shaders are also modified and they will appear better:


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This issue seems to be "sort of" fixed for the editor, but not in-game (compiled with C++). Did you update the C++ library in the beta branch?


I say "sort of" because it now renders shadows, but when you move a child entity, the shadow does not update. Only if you move the parent entity then the shadows for all of the children will update. I did set the shadows to "dynamic" for both the parent and the child.

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Okay, if the parent has a different light mode than the child, it can cause a problem with lights that have buffered shadows enabled. That's the only problem I can see. Let me think about that, because that might be considered correct or incorrect behavior.


If there is something else, please post a map file for me to try.


The C++ library is not yet updated.

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Please bring back the performance update from the first 4.3beta if possible. I kinda miss shooting 15 zombies or 25 crawlers at a time with 60fps speed.

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Here is a map file that demonstrates the issue at hand. If you replace the point light with a directional light, it renders fine, but with point lights and spotlights, the issue is apparent. http://toxingames.com/leadwerks/shadowissue.zip

This map only produces a blank screen. I added a camera, and it is only a single box with a point light. The script you included does not appear to be used in the scene?


There is a pivot in the scene, but I don't know what it does or why it is there?

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I can confirm that the shadow issue is now fixed in this update. Good job! Now, I await eagerly for the C++ library to update. ;)

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Hmmm... The child shadows (under point lights & spotlights) are still not rendering in C++. They are fine in the editor, but not in C++.

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