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About this blog

Work in progress blog for my upcoming pack of scifi media.

Entries in this blog

Concrete Elements (Wall 38 - 4K)

In addition to the usual metallic looking textures, a few of these have different elements to break up the collection, namely concrete. In the final pack there will be "metallic" variants of these textures as well. I have the materials set up so that I can import different scanned substances, like cinder blocks or bunker walls. Makes for a cool military look and can be used to ground your setting more into reality, if you wish. Just choose your preferred look. I will be mixing all the

Wall 36A (4K)

Wall textures being continually updated. Here is wall #36A (of 3 unshown variants). 99% of housekeeping tasks are now done as well. I say 99% because I am sure there are a few folders that still need to be organized.

Nonsquare Trim Textures (4K)

Last couple of days I have been working on making the master material for all of these scifi textures to be nonsquare-capable. This is mostly complete, just need to make presets for all of the different sized textures in the pack (512x2048, 256x2048, etc). A couple of bugs I will need to iron out as well but those should also not take too much time Some of the edge wears and grunges still need a little taking care of so that they are consistent with the regular square textures. Below is a t

Latest WIP Images (4K)

*Lighting test with wall/floor textures, master material finished, work beginning on processing all 200+ texture maps and color variants. *Added ability to stamp secondary height details into already baked mesh maps (using substance alphas). Adds details like handles and extra vents, lights etc.    

Some New WIPS

I went back and edited my main smart material in substance, new look looks much better and well-defined. Scales accross different textures very well also. Far less layers to deal with also makes editing much simpler and easier. Luckily I did not get too far with my original material I was working with previously, so re-doing previous textures should not take too long.   Also did a quick lighting test in 3ds max with a few colored lights (to roughly guage PBR reflections/metalness prope

Progress Update

Work has been continuing on my ongoing scifi materials/media pack. I have since updated my desk and workstation setup to support dual 1440p monitors on adjustable arms, which has made making progress on this much easier and less straining on my eyes. The amount of screen real estate I have now is so much better than before and my workspace is not cramped anymore, which has been great. Enjoy a small snippet of what I have been working on today, much more to come soon...


TWahl in Progress Updates

WIP - Heavy Rust Elements, Crackled Paint, Metals, Painted Piping

More edits I made over the course of today. Last little bits of work to do include adding any last final touches, and then cleaning up the layer stack to ensure that all height/metallic/roughness layers are interacting correctly. Then I can start procedurally generating each different texture based on this single material. I hope to start that process sometime this week so I can put a scene together.   2K resolution


TWahl in Progress Updates

Latest WIP Images

Completely reworked much of the master material and it has really transformed into something much better than before. Added new detail to lights and completely revamped the original metal, rust, and paint materials to have better surface properties. Things are much less busier and do not have odd height details. Overall I am very happy with these results, and I do not envision much more work being needed at this point other than some cleanup and checking each material channel to ensure that the


TWahl in Progress Updates

Reactor Wall

Reactor wall I worked on today. This texture has lots of small details like pipes, vents and hoses which I used as a basis for expanding the master material set I am using. Thought I would post this, because it looked very cool with all of the different surfaces applied to it. Every day I am impressed by substance painter and its capabilities.


TWahl in Progress Updates

Progress Update (Substance Painter)

Quick update on what is happening so far. Lately I have not had as much time to work in substance painter because I have been busy, however in my spare time I have been working on refining the base material which I will use to apply to the numerous textures I have created as part of the scifi collection. Little tweaks here and there mainly to make the results a little more pleasing and less noisy. Above I have tweaked a majority of the masks for rust as well as surface detail variatio


TWahl in Progress Updates

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