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  1. Art dump featuring work in progress images for my scifi 3d and texture work.
  2. I am having a really tough time trying to get my image files to upload to the gallery, perhaps the file sizes are too big? Not sure what the problem is... I can only get it to work 1/10 times and the rest just upload as empty files. I will post this here for now - some more substance work I just wrapped up. Wall 27:
  3. Played around with some more lighting just for fun. I took a lot of inspiration from games like dead space which utilize a lot of very bleak light schemes. Really wish I had some more objects to put the materials to besides just flat cubes though, will have to tackle that eventually but right now that isn't very high on my priority list. Need to make some sort of modular meshes with good poly detail, in addition to smaller objects like light tubes, crates, and whatever. Luckily the amount of modular "hero" assets I would eventually have to create would be minimal as I can make use of trim shee
  4. In addition to the usual metallic looking textures, a few of these have different elements to break up the collection, namely concrete. In the final pack there will be "metallic" variants of these textures as well. I have the materials set up so that I can import different scanned substances, like cinder blocks or bunker walls. Makes for a cool military look and can be used to ground your setting more into reality, if you wish. Just choose your preferred look. I will be mixing all the variants upon export, so none of these can really be shown yet (paint colors, macroscopic details et
  5. Wall textures being continually updated. Here is wall #36A (of 3 unshown variants). 99% of housekeeping tasks are now done as well. I say 99% because I am sure there are a few folders that still need to be organized.
  6. Thought I would have a go at doing the gothic grating texture. Total time taken on this was around 5-10 minutes:
  7. I decided to post this screenshot after I finished a couple of the detail textures, in this case a chainlink mesh fence texture. Wanted to see what it would look like when light shines through it, ignore the low quality shadows: You can use displacement mapping on the texture to give it a bit of depth, however the effect looks odd at some angles. For stuff like this I'd probably just model a wavy plane with diagonal folds and apply the texture to it. I have the substance file set to add different paint colors to the chainlink as well, if you want it to be yellow or whatever.
  8. (Should read trim 36 of 54, not 33 of 54)
  9. Thanks Josh, I appreciate the comment regarding the detail - I took a lot of time making sure that the surfaces were as "realistic" as possible. I think what really makes it pop is the fact that I kept a style that is still somewhat grounded in reality and does not contain too much ambiguous materials. Back in my sophomore year of college I did an internship as a manufacturing engineer within a metal smelting plant in Michigan and I actually drew a lot of inspiration for my texture work from all of the dirty, old and sooty equipment I would see there. Some of it was over 75 years old. That was
  10. Last couple of days I have been working on making the master material for all of these scifi textures to be nonsquare-capable. This is mostly complete, just need to make presets for all of the different sized textures in the pack (512x2048, 256x2048, etc). A couple of bugs I will need to iron out as well but those should also not take too much time Some of the edge wears and grunges still need a little taking care of so that they are consistent with the regular square textures. Below is a test in 3ds Max with a 1024x2048 trim texture that I was able to put together very quickly with what
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