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  1. Deeply apologize for the lack of updates lately. Lots of job interviews and travelling for the past couple of weeks. Hope to post again as soon as I can.
  2. Yeah no problem! I agree with your points about recovery. Oh well I sort of meant the whole so many textures thing as a bit of a joke. It's just a lot of work haha, but that does not mean I don't enjoy doing it. If anything I think it will end up being a good selling point. I have bought 3d asset packs many times in the past and while some of them contain a fair variety of assets I always wound up being fairly limited in that you could only create the same types of environments over and over again. That is something I want to address with this and give more creativity to the end user.
  3. Hey no problem - I have not done so yet although I am getting closer to finishing up. I'm hoping I can start selling my models and textures sooner than later. It's been quite an arduous process so far. Although I'd say 99% of the work involved with this has been condensed into the past year or so I still can't believe this sprouted into a multi-year long ordeal sometimes. I'm 25 now and I started this when I was 21-22... For me a big obstacle since I have started has been balancing my schedule (work/social) and avoiding burnout. There are a few times I've told myself I'd take a wee
  4. Redux of a wall texture which I posted quite a while back. These pictures and those which I have been posting recently reflect what will essentially be the shipped product at this point. I will also be saleing each texture/material individually, which will include variant maps for paint and some small detail variants (as an example, the perforations on the large panel of the below texture can be removed for a flatter looking wall). Still need to decide if/how I would like to package substance painter files. I will likely be doing so to give more creative freedom but I need to make sure all of
  5. Heavy mining wall as part of my work I have done today:
  6. https://www.leadwerks.com/community/blogs/entry/2661-progress-update/
  7. Work has been continuing on my ongoing scifi materials/media pack. I have since updated my desk and workstation setup to support dual 1440p monitors on adjustable arms, which has made making progress on this much easier and less straining on my eyes. The amount of screen real estate I have now is so much better than before and my workspace is not cramped anymore, which has been great. Enjoy a small snippet of what I have been working on today, much more to come soon...
  8. Currently been workint on making upgrades to my desk setup over the past week, I will be back to posting updates very soon.
  9. Mining/hex floor test using the same material I made for the reactor wall, albeit with some small tweaks. I generated this very quickly just by changing texture maps and color selections. Although it is becoming apparent that I need a second monitor just to manage all of my layers...
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