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Between The Realities - Official Trailer

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Warning! Pre-Beta Footage!

Between The Realities is an indie game in the genre of first-person shooter, which is being developed by our creative association Antology Games Studio. At the moment the game is in active development at the pre-beta stage, the release is expected in the fall 2019. Our project is entirely inspired by oldschool shooters, such as Blood and Kingpin: Life of Crime.


Another reality. Another vision of good and evil. Once there was a war that destroyed a great civilization. Now there is only one city in middle of the Void. Target City. City of angels, who betrayed Creator's ideals and control this place with their mysterious cult. But that was before, because tonight everything will change. A man named Jonathan is a chosen one, who was sent to this city by the Creator to bring a freedom to all humanity... And only one angel, who stayed on the right side, will help him to fight off the dark invaders. They will win back this world. Together.

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