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Automatic Converter and .gmf xnormal tangetspace calculator

Fredrik Hansson

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File Name: Automatic Converter and .gmf xnormal tangetspace calculator

File Submitter: Fredrik Hansson

File Submitted: 25 Jan 2010

File Updated: 17 Mar 2010

File Category: Tools and Utilities


AssetBuilder.exe this tool detects any changes in a folder and runs any custom command on that file if the format exists in filters.txt

it might convert the file twice the first time you save a file like a psd in photoshop but usually just a single time if it would do it twice every time hold f8 while saving to get the file options dialog again and increase the delay timer value and it should filter out those multiple file changes that it detects

one warning however never make a filter that converts to a format that exist in the filters.txt so making one that goes fbx2gmf results in a .gmf and if you then make a filter that runs gmffixer you get an infinite loop of file changes.


GMFFixer.exe takes any existing gmf file and recalculates the tangetns to match the ones in xnormal (normalmap settings = +x -y +z)

GMFfixer.exe filename.gmf


fbxfixer.exe converts any fbx file first by the fbx2gmf.exe from the sdk then runs the same calculation as gmffixer.exe has mainly made for use with the assetbuilder.exe since that only takes a single command per format

fbxfixer.exe C:\LeadwerksSdkDir\Tools\fbx2gmf.exe filename.fbx


// edit:17/03/10 fixed a bug where holding down F8 to change options for a file would cause all files after that to also popup the dialog


Click here to download this file

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