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Creating Models For Leadwerks


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Hi all, my first contribution to the comunity :)


I have been struggling with the post title for a full week.

After lots of trial and error and trolling through the forums I finally think I have the process down pat.

Thanks everyone for asking the same questions I was having and especially thanks to everyone who posted answers to those questions.


Anyway, at my age I have trouble remembering new things. So using all the tips and answers and pitfalls I found on this subject I put together a word document mapping out the flow of creating and texturing models for leadwerks. I thought others may find this useful also, especially newbie's like me.

So I saved it as an HTML and zipped it and posted here. I hope someone may find it useful.


I have been dabbling with 3D modelling and various 3D engines for several years but I am by no means an expert.

As such I do not guarantee the complete acuracy of this, I have tried hard to be accurate and to my current understanding, it is accurate. Experts, please feel free to correct me where I am wrong.

There are some things on it that I don't fully understand....yet. I intend to continue working on this over the next month or so, because I need it, putting hypertext links to further info and explanations for unfamiliar terms/processes etc.

If there turns out to be any interrest in this one then I will repost that one also.



Well I am off to start creating some real models for leadwerks. You can expect me to take a leaf out of Gimpy73's book (thanks for your generosity) and start posting any models I think the comunity might find useful and I am prepared to give away.

Incidentally, I use Wings3D and Sketchup Pro for modelling, and UU3D Pro for skinning . I also have Milkshape (don't really like it but probably haven't given it a fair go) and Fragmotion for when I start animating my models.




I have seen the videos for 2.3 using windmill.gmf and while trolling around the forums I have seen a lot of discussion about it. I have also seen that it was not included in the latest release of 2.3. I would like to ask, where can I get it? i've looked everywhere (except where it is obviously). Or is it just not available any more?




Yes, it was done in word and converted to HTML from that. That would explain IE only. There were no images on it???

Anyway I took a screen shot of the word and saved it as a JPEG image instead.

Deleted the original zip and attached the one with the jpeg. That should solve it.


Yea it does look like a complicated process doesn't it!

Bear in mind though that I have included various alternatives, not all of them would be used by any one particular person. I hope this doen't turn anyone away from leadwerks because it really isn't as complicated as it appears.

It's just that when starting out there are a few places where things can go wrong and it took me a lot of searching and reading to find the answers. My intent from posting this is that this will ease that process for someone.


I don't know whether leadwerks beats all other engines out there or not. I have tried many including the pre 2.3 version of leadwerks. This new version of leadwerks however fits my way of thinking and working better than everything else I have tried. This is the first time I have felt I would be able to manage anything more than just tinkering.


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If I would have seen this before purchasing LE, wouldn't done that :)

Looks a bit frightened at the first look, but it is very helpful, logical and well structured.



I can't open the file with firefox (3.6), only with IE. And IE wants to install

an Microsoft Office Add-on.

Core2DuoE6570 / Windows7 64bit / 4 Gb RAM / Geforce GTX 260 896Mb / LE 2.3

Dell Inspiron 1720 / Vista SP2 / C2D 2.4 / 8600 GM

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Hmm, you need to include all the images as well.

There are no images in it. May be it's made in MS office.

Your are right, PDF would be the best way to go.

Core2DuoE6570 / Windows7 64bit / 4 Gb RAM / Geforce GTX 260 896Mb / LE 2.3

Dell Inspiron 1720 / Vista SP2 / C2D 2.4 / 8600 GM

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