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AddBodyForce not working


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I have continued experimenting with my input handling but now have trouble getting physics to work. My ball (Pong) is initialized like so:


ball = LoadModel("abstract::ball.gmf");
EntityType(ball, 1);
SetBodyMass(ball, 1.0f);


After the ball is initialized, Collisions(1, 1, 1) is called.


This is the Update method of the ball class:


void Ball::Update()
AddBodyForce(ball, Vec3(1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f));


Setting a breakpoint confirmed it is getting called, yet the ball won't move a bit. If I call DebugPhysics(1) it does show a proper collision hull yet the hull remains red. Anyone know what I am missing here?

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normally issues I have like that have been .phy file related Laurens.

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I implemented a CollisionCallback in order to detect a ball hitting the paddle. I need to figure out what direction it was moving in before it hit the paddle. I suppose I can do so using the normal the callback function provides. What mathgic would I need to pull off in order to do so?


I also suppose I need to get the math books out again, lol :lol:

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