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With out my kind of "anger management" i clearly would be on rampage right now. :D


//rantmode ON

So this is more a rant as a question but how should one deal with a certain level of quality if simply the smallest part of a workflow gets in the way e.g. uvmapping.

The program iam using does have its flaws but whatever, it allways just worked at the end - atm iam importing a good bunch of uv mapped objects to be used within my game and it simply refuses to scale uv islands proportionally to its target islands. I allways work ahead and i got these models "ready" quit some time ... but this issue holds me back. Even if these are world objects the player will just passing by (industrial lampposts, fuseboxes and stuff) i also see these simple things as promotional backdrop which makes me twice as angry tbh. The funny thing is that its not even a bug but something not implemented - the two other uvmapper aint in my pipeline just yet because they deal with organic models only or i could not took the time to learn there ins and outs untill now. So, in fact i work the weekends atm to have more freedom the rest of the time.

Barbaric indeed ! :lol:

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Thats a very good question .....


//Beermode OFF : Systems Error no such file or command.

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"I used to be alive like you .... then I took an arrow to the head"

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