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head shot


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It would be too much code to paste here, but the principle is that you check what was the name of the mesh which was hit with EntityPick().

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I've thought about this for my own stuff and this is what I'd do:-


Got message i've been hit by bullet

Message contains location of bullet hit


For each bone in my model

work out with math fiddle closest bone in model to hit location



if bone is head then





Hopefully in a month or two I'll have a working example in C++.


However it seems to me you prehaps deciding what colour to paint your hand built car before you've even tightened the first nut or done your first weld.... I'd try to get the basics done first.

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For a headshot in particular you might just want to look at LOCAL Y position of the hit and decide it's a headshot if it's over a certain value (which might change depending on if they're in a crouched state or an upright state, etc). This would be faster than iterating over the bones and doing distance calculations. But if you want per body part detection to blow off arms and such then Chris's implementation is a lot more robust and could handle that.

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