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Customizing 3D World Studio


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I have been using 3DWS now for a few weeks, I am using it to create levels for the FPS game I am building.. I am using DBO export to build the maps/levels. I am also using NG Collision engine to do my object collision and gravity. I have created several entities to support spawning, scale etc. I am also adding attributes to objects manually to define the collision control I want on each object.


What I would like to do is to setup 3DWS with a list of attributes, the same as those available in the entities definition, that are automatically set against each object I import or build. The would be the NG collision values, destructable attributes etc. This would help in that every time I create a map I do not have to remember the attributes and range of values available... I took a look but could not see and config files, but I maybe missing something...



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Basically you can "customize" 3DWS by adding your own custom entity keys to objects. Then you just make your code to recognize those custom entity keys, but there's no way to make 3DWS recognize them (other than just having them as keys and/or as entities with those keys prepopulated).


Instead of always manually adding all custom entity keys, you can also add your custom entities to the entities.def file at the end, for example if you want to add a weapon to 3DWS, you could add this:

@pointclass Weapon : "sprites\weapon"
firepower : 100
range : 200
delay : 10

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Thanks, I have added several new entities for spawn locations, map/level settings, scale points, AI controls like zones, ai waypoints, ai characters etc... Which works really well and helps a lot. Ideally, what I would like to do , is add a set of properties that will be set for any object in the map/level... say I import a model of a building I would like to have a default set of attributes set on it rather than keying them in...


The other issue I have run into is using entities, which will not resize... I can understand this but it would be nice especially for creating specific zones withn the level...


I guess I could build a program that will load the map and then add the attributes within my own custom app...

If it's not Tactical realism then you are just playing..

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