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Abstract Game Framework


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File Name: Abstract Game Framework

File Submitter: Fester

File Submitted: 03 Jan 2010

File Updated: 03 Jan 2010

File Category: BlitzMax Code


This module provides a framework for building games using Blitzmax.


Note that the module does not provide any Leadwerks Engine specific implementation details as it is designed to be a lightweight, generic framework. The types in the module can be easily sub-classed to provide any Leadwerks engine specific implementation details.

EDIT: I have uploaded a new version of the file which now includes another module which provides an example that uses Leadwerks Engine.

Just unzip, drop into your Blitzmax mod directory and build documentation.


NOTE: no source code is currently supplied with this module - It was placed in this category so that Blitzmax user could locate it.


Constructive criticism appreciated.


Click here to download this file

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