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Hi guys,


I am at a point in my game's development that I need to start putting some assets together. Being a programmer I cannot do this myself but I feel it is way to early to try and get an artist on board. Therefore I got myself a copy of the Silo learning edition (thanks Ubu :unsure:) and want to put some stuff together first. Having barely worked in Editor I was wondering how other people put scenes together.


Do you model assets first or do you get a decent terrain going first?


Any pointers on getting some basic scene together would be appreciated!



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as you want to do all tasks by your own, I can suggest you to make some clear concepts of what you want to make and define your gameplay, then model assets, test them in editor and script for those which need to have an interaction (don't forget your concept). keep on modeling and test them in a little scene,(don't forget your concept!), after you modeled one of your levels(even a little level), you can start terraining and place all your models according to your concepts. now you can bother with AI, GUI, and so on..

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This is how I usually do my stuff:


-getting the idea (contract request in general), if I did my own projects I researched a lot:

setting,athmosphere,map size, layout, what kind of assets do I need, how can I do them in a smart fashion(modular), etc..


- I do the rought terrain (by imagination, DEM, google source) then and put plain geometry blocks on the terrain for testing my gameplay and see how proportions turn out

- I then replace my block gemotetry with my assets, usually I use the same names so after an export my blocks get replaced by proper geometry

- Then I paint the terrain, place vegetation

- last thing is setting up the lighting/particles and do polishing plus performance optimizing (LE does not feature a lot of stuff on gaining more fps in the editor so this is a small part)


Between the steps its nice to test gameplay and performance with some guys if avaiable.



If you test other stuff like lighting setups you can do a quick terrain, paint it in a neutral way, populate it with some models and change the settings using different skies and light. you can save your .sbx files for later usage if you are digging one setting most. :unsure: using a photograph or 3d-rendering to match a special look is a nice way too.

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