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GMF Surface Material Renamer


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Is there any way of making this with the GMF SDK? That's the only bad part of the art pipeline, although it's horrible for resource organization. You have random names from random sources of materials, and it's really hard to classify, since some don't even have "abstract::" in front of them.


If it's possible to make with the GMF SDK, has anybody done it? Planned on doing it? If not, I'll start soon.

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i put the tools i created on my website GMFFramework. If you use GMFConvert.exe -input <path to your gmf files> -matprefix <prefixname> it will add a prefix to the name of the materials.


The program creates a subfolder output where the modified gmf files are stored. There are a lot more (e.g. scaling) - but it is still i quick hack i created for my own purpose.


So if you'd like to change or create a production stable version i added the source file of the converter.

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